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Robbins, Curtin, Millea & Showalter, LLC

Our Story

The law practice of Robbins & Curtin was formed in the summer of 2003. Both John Curtin and Joel Robbins came from midsized firms. They met after they both had left and were practicing plaintiff’s personal injury law. Joel knew John as a talented medical negligence lawyer and a skilled writer. Joel says, “Every time that I read something from John, whether it’s an article, a letter, or even an email, I’m glad that I’m his law partner. There are also many times that I hurt my side laughing. He’s got a great sense of humor which goes a long way in helping practice law.”

John noticed Joel because he took hard cases and won them at trial. “Joel was successful in trials that I didn’t think could be won. I thought: ‘I’d like to practice law with a guy like that.’” John says, “Practicing with Joel is a pleasure. Joel practices from his heart as well as his brain. He has a commitment to doing the right thing.”

Anne Findling and Joel Robbins had practiced law together in their first years. After Anne took a sabbatical to teach at a prestigious middle school in Phoenix, she started with Robbins & Curtin in 2006. Her passion for her clients is a point of pride.

Jesse Showalter joined the firm in 2017 and Lauren Channell joined in 2018, making them the newest members to join Robbins & Curtin. 

Robbins Curtin Millea & Showalter Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyers

The client comes first

We appreciate the fact that people come to us with difficult problems that require significant work. We enjoy working with our clients to bring their lives back to the position they were in before their incident, with an understanding of the law and the hard work that goes into preparing a case the right way.To that end, we are guided by a philosophy that is threefold— SETTING STANDARDS, PURSUING JUSTICE and REBUILDING LIVES. We came together because of our shared vision for practicing law.