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Jake Harris

Jacob grew up in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago and moved to Arizona in 1995. Since moving to Arizona, Jacob earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology in 2004 and a master’s degree in education specializing in curriculum, instruction, and technology in 2007. Jacob taught online education courses at the college level for 11 years and worked in higher education administration for over 14 years, holding roles within academic compliance, academic affairs, and was seated as an assistant dean. With a deep interest in the legal field, especially in the area of civil rights advocacy, Jacob left higher education administration in 2024 and joined Robbins Curtin Millea & Showalter, LLC as a legal assistant, and is currently attending the University of Arizona where he is earning his paralegal certification. Jacob has a strong passion for helping others and expanding his knowledge and experience to enact change. In his free time, Jacob enjoys spending time with friends and his partner, Jennie, and their dog, Snags. Jacob also enjoys listening to and playing music, skateboarding, tattoo culture, collecting horror movie memorabilia, attending horror movie conventions, and visiting movie set locations.